Tri-Pro Forest Products offers a wide variety WRC, DF, PP, and HF boards in a wide range of grades, sizes, and surfacing options. We offer everything from 1×2 to 1×12 in 6′ to 20′ lengths. We have the ability to do different thickness’s, special grading, custom packaging, and bar coding. We’ve been doing appearance grade lumber for over 25 years and have learned that when we use the finest raw material available we can develop the boards to their full potential allowing us to offer you the best in kiln dried manufacturing. At Tri-Pro we do boards right.
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Naturally durable western red cedar tongue and groove pattern is excellent for exterior applications and its exceptional beauty is optimal for interior use. The delicate fragrance and rich color tones of cedar make it one of the world’s most valued paneling materials. We also offer all our patterns in douglas fir and ponderosa pine as well. Reminiscent of their origins – the Pacific Northwest, our pattern stock conveys a feeling of quite beauty. The different patterns we offer project an image of prestige to compliment any style of architecture or interior design, adding texture, tone, warmth, and durability.
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Western Red Cedar bevel siding is the most widely used siding type. This siding delivers both unmatched longevity and meets the need for warmth and casual charm-ideal for homes, cottages, clubhouses and rustic structures. Re-sawn face exposure is obtained by re-sawing lumber at an angle to produce tapered pieces. This is done in our state of the art siding manufacturing facility. Bevel siding is installed horizontally and gives an attractive depth that varies with the selected thickness. These features answer the needs of builders and homeowners alike, who want a lifetime siding that offers the timelessness of western red cedar.
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Whatever the reasons for building a deck, there is just one natural choice of decking material. A western red cedar deck is a beautiful, practical, long-lasting complement to any home. Our decking is available in a wide range of grades and sizes, and price-competitive with lesser materials. Our facia trim adds the finishing touches around your windows, doors, and eaves. And is available in Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, or White Fir in a variety of thickness’s and widths to fit and personalize your project.
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At Tri-Pro we have diversified over the years to offer a wide range of specialty products. We offer timbers in DF, PP, and HF in sizes up to 24”x 24” 32’ long. We manufacture ponderosa pine shop for the window and door industry in 6/4 thickness and a wide variety of grades. We have KD 2×4 thru 2×12 in DF and HF, 8’ to 20’ lengths, in all grades. And also offer 4×4’s in DF, HF, and PP. We have a furring strip program that offers our customers 1×2, 2×2, and 2×3 WW strips in 8’ and 10’ lengths. Call us with your needs or ideas. Chances are we either currently produce it or have the ability to make it for you. Our motto is the specialties are our specialty.
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A Few Examples of the Tri-Pro Product Line:

Western Red Cedar 1x6 Pro Select Knotty
Western Red Cedar 1x6 #4
Western Red Cedar 1x4 VJ-1
Western Red Cedar 1x8 TBB
Western Red Cedar 2x6 Decking
Western Red Cedar 2x6 Decking
Western Red Cedar 11/16x8 BS
Douglas Fir 1x6 PK
Western Red Cedar 1x6 VJ Clear
Douglas Fir PK
Douglas Fir - Clear
Douglas Fir - Pattern
Idaho White Pine - Beaded Ceiling
Western Red Cedar 1x6 T&G
Western Red Cedar 1x6 T&G
Pine - Shop
Pine - Shop
Douglas Fir 3x6 Select Deck

Questions about our products or about your specific requirements? Contact us here.